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OBSIDO Interiors is a proud supporter and a founder of Nyanga Football Stars.

Nyanga Football Stars is a soccer team that was established in Nyanga, Cape Town. Nyanga is a well known township in South Africa with a high crime rate and high unemployment and that affects the youth of today.

Due to high unemployment and lack of sport facilities, the youth end up doing crime and spend each and every cent into alcohol and drugs. Being the residents of Nyanga and seeing how the sport talented youth destroys their lives, we then organized a group of youth who has a passion and can play soccer, and that is when we decided to establish the Nyanga Football Stars soccer team.

Some of the players used to play soccer and because there are no developments and facilities in Nyanga then they lost hope, and the talent vanished due to alcohol and drugs.

This team was started as a project with the aim to reduce kids from the streets and taverns.

The mission for this initiative is to unite the youth from different sectors of Nyanga, diminish the gangsterism and also build a support based friendship through education assistance within the youth and the community.

For more information, you can contact us at or visit our website