Good business also good for the whole community

Two young entrepreneurs with a passion for beauty and craftsmanship are slowly transforming the interior design industry. Aubrey Dolweni, a son of the late famous Nyanga cupboard maker, Chief Amos Dolweni,and childhood friend Simpiwe Malotana teamed up to start OBSIDO Interiors in 2009 – a one of its kind in the townships.

Dolweni who worked for a decorating firm was doing a “private job” installing cupboards at Malotana’s place when they “planned and plotted” the formation of the company. “Simpiwe knew I was unhappy at work and he urged me to consider starting my own business and we decided to do it together,” said Dolweni.

For six months Dolweni worked on weekends but as soon as their “footprint” started growing he was stopped working and focused “100% on the company”. Now three years later OBSIDO Interiors has carved its niche in the township market and beyond but the duo is not resting on their laurels yet.

They have received contracts to design and furnish offices of companies like Silulo Ulutho Technologies and Philippi Training Centre. Malotana said to become more visible they opened an office in Philippi Mall.

“We were working from home and we felt opening a show house would show our professionalism when approaching business,” said Malotana.

He said they specialise in luxury kitchens, bedrooms, bathroom vanities, custom made furniture – made to each individual client’s needs and specifications.

“We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest quality products available in the industry,” said Malotana. Dolweni added though they are still a young company and they value their backgrounds.

“We have started a soccer club in Nyanga East so that we can keep the youth busy in sport and away from the lure of drugs,” he said. Nyanga Football Stars’ vision is to reduce crime, drug and alcohol abuse in the area of Nyanga as well as surrounding areas.

For more on OBSIDO Interiors, please visit www.obsidointeriors.co.za or like their facebook page or on the mobitel on 076 340 7076