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At OBSIDO Interiors we are proud to see the business growing and successfully able to meet our targets and objectives, by making sure that we are competent and we are always able measure benchmark through our 4 key business strategies.

Our strategies are:-

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Style


We always ensure that we create products that are strong, durable and products that will have a longer life span. We select SABS approved materials from suppliers affiliated to Kitchen Specialists Association (KSA). Those affiliated suppliers they always make sure the sell quality materials and hardware, so we can produce quality products from the beginning to end of the production life cycle.


Producing customized products gives us a flexibility to always look for new trends in the market and introduce them to our customers. Using suppliers with best machinery that allows us to sell products that are formed in any shape because of the technology infrastructure the suppliers have.


Customers likes to be unique and shine out, introduction of high gloss products and new colours in melamine that helps growing the business because customers get inspired with what they see on interior magazines, and through innovation we are able to design and produce modern products and meet customer’s expectations.


We try our utmost best to deliver on time, with passion. Service is a key element in our business, we make sure our staff always keeps the customers happy, effective communication also plays a role in customer relationship and we believe in good service creates a sustainable customer relationship. Service also applies to our suppliers.

In order for us to achieve our business strategy it was essential for us to build a strategy map which is a communicating tool to our operational staff, vendors and customers thus ensuring awareness of our business strategy. As young as we are in the industry, we want to strive and make a difference.